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Shop and Clinic Policies

We have considered what we think on a number of relevant areas of the business and have written these into our policies.

Quality Policy

We have set out to provide a high standard of service, advice and products. To achieve this we have selected suppliers who we know can provide us with products and service to our standards. When we bottle oils and tinctures or bag herbs from the dispensary, we follow set out procedures and use appropriate equipment to ensure that the product is of a high standard. We audit our procedures to ensure that they are being followed, they are adequate and that they deliver a final product suitable for our customers. However, above all we employ people dedicated to herbal medicine to work in our shop and clinic who provide customer service and advice. We believe this will help guarantee the highest quality.

Organic Policy

We believe that organic products offer a better, healthier option for our customers. We also recognize that there are many problems with pursuing an organic policy including availability problems, significantly higher costs for a minority of products and the variability of organic certification. We will therefore strive to source organic products where we can, but this will be balanced with pricing and availability issues.
Organic Certification Link

Organic Certification Link

A number of our suppliers are certified organic suppliers. Feel free to click here to find out more about organic certification.